Thursday, January 10, 2019

Wheels on the bus

Wheels on the bus

If you are sitting, notice where the exit windows are. In case of an accident, you may be in charge of opening the wheels on the bus if you are sitting on the row where it is located. If you do not want this responsibility, try sitting somewhere else. Should you have to stand, be sure that there is something that you can hold on to. Buses often offer poles, hand straps, or handles on the backs of seats for you to grasp.

Also, try standing like a surfer, with one foot towards the front of the bus and one towards the back. This way, if the driver is accelerating, you can push your weight forward to counteract the feeling that you are being flung backwards. Vice versa, if the driver is quickly braking, you can lean back slightly. Avoid holding items in both of your hands so that you can catch yourself if you lose your balance.

It is also a good idea to pay attention to what is happening wheels on the bus around you. This way, you can see if a driver is going to need to quickly brake and possibly protect your face if necessary. Also, be aware of suspicious packages and other devices if they are left behind on the bus. You can inform your driver of this item if you feel like it could be dangerous.

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